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Anna Katharina Braun


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My current research interests include the ontogeny of emotionally modulated juvenile learning events, the development of filial attachment, and the identification of epigenetic factors inducing "abnormal development of behavior and of synaptic connections in limbic brain circuits. We investigates mechanisms of information processing and storage at the cellular and synaptic level in the prefrontal cortex and the limbic system using a variety of methods, including quantitative morphology (light-, confocal- and electron-microscopy), functional imaging (2FDG, SPECT, molecular imaging), in vivo microdialysis and behavioral pharmacology. we have established a variety of animal models to identify the role of perinatal stress, neglect, trauma and emotional deprivation on the development of brain and behavior, in order to understand the impact of early life events on the aetiology of mental disorders. In particular we study the role of paternal care/deprivation on the development of brain and behavior.

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Sproewitz A, Bock J, Braun K (2013) Sex-specific positive and negative consequences of infant avoidance training on adult active avoidance learning in mice. Frontiers Behavioral Neuroscience, Volume 7, Article 143, doi: 10.3389/fnbeh.2013.00143

Kunzler J, Kreher U, Braun K, Bock J (2013) Early-life-stress and sex-specific sensitivity of the catecholaminergic systems in prefrontal and limbic regions of Octodon degus. Brain Struct Funct, accepted

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