Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg

Anna Katharina Braun


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Early life adversities (ELA) are major risk factors in the etiology of major depressive disorder and highlight the role of ELA in the shaping of a disordered brain. Understanding the mechanisms mediating the transgenerational programming of ELA-induced behavioral and brain pathologies is essential to explain the generational persistence of human behaviors in families and populations exposed to ELA, and will contribute to optimize evidence-based, individually tailored protective and therapeutic interventions. Our overarching scientific objective is guided by the hypothesis that during critical developmental periods ELA ¿reprograms¿ gene expression via epigenetic modifications and thereby affects the development of synaptic circuits and synaptic plasticity, which are dysfunctional in vulnerable individuals. Another focus of our research is the investigation of the neurobiology of fatherhood and the importance of paternal care on the development of brain and behavior of his offspring.

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