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Issues to consider before applying:

The Integrative Neuroscience programme in Magdeburg is unique in providing comprehensive training in all areas of modern neuroscience: molecular, cellular, systems, behavioural, and clinical. The intensive and challenging coursework covers the full range of topics from molecular to behavioural approaches to neuroscience research. In addition, students 'rotate' through three programme labs in order to become familiar with different research areas and to  select a lab for thesis research. The Integrative Neuroscience programme also offers advanced courses on topics of special interest to current research. 

Because of the interdisciplinary nature of modern neuroscience, our students have diverse backgrounds in physical and/or biological sciences. Accordingly, a B.Sc. degree in a relevant field (physics, biology, medicine, mathematics, and others) from an internationally recognised university is required for admission. Students with other degrees and with a sufficient number of courses in biology, physics, inorganic and organic chemistry, and calculus may be considered on an individual basis. For a transition period, German students with a Vordiplom in a relevant area plus two additional semesters in a relevant Diplom programme may also be admitted. In some cases, the admission committee may invite applicants for an interview in order to determine their suitability for the programme.

Application documents:

Your application consists of the following documents:

1. Cover letter with statement of purpose (< 500 words).  Please explain as clearly as possible why you wish to study neuroscience in Magdeburg.

2. Curriculum vitae (one page).

3. Authenticated copy of academic transcript with grades (transcript of records, Studienbuch).

4. Authenticated copy of degree certificate.

5.  Proof of Englisch proficiency (only non-native speakers of English). 

Several organizations offer tests of English proficiency:

The minimum requirements are 79 points (TOEFL iBT), 213 points (TOEFL CBT), 550 points (TOEFL paper), 6.5 points (IELTS), grade C (ESOL), UniCert III &IV

6. Optional letters of recommendation (at most two).

The application deadline for admission to the fall semester 18/19 is March 15, 2018.

By May 15, 2018, most applicants receive either a provisional letter of admission (subject to receipt of any missing documents), an invitation for an interview, or a letter of rejection.

Admission is based on applicants’ academic achievements and their expected contribution to the programme.  Up to 40 students will be admitted each year.

On two weekends in June, 2018, prospective students are encouraged to visit Magdeburg and the neuroscience campus.  Details to be announced.



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