The Integrative Neuroscience programme offers a diverse curriculum including lectures, laboratory work, practical exercises, laboratory rotations, and independent research. The different stages and components of the programme are explained below. You can view course lists by clicking on the icons below.

MSc Programme

The first two semesters provide a broad foundation in molecular, cellular, systems, and theoretical neuroscience. In addition to basic courses, which are required, students may choose to take part in tutorials designed to fill any gaps in their biology, physics, or mathematics background.

1st semester courses


2nd semester courses


3rd semester courses


In the third semester, more advanced courses provide further training in areas the student is considering for specialization

Laboratory rotations are an important part of the programme. All students carry out three laboratory rotations of four weeks duration over the first three semesters. This exposes students to different approaches to neuroscience research and helps students in choosing an appropriate laboratory for their thesis work.

4th semester courses

In the fourth semester, students who do not wish to pursue doctoral studies will select a topic and advisor for their master thesis. Their master thesis research will occupy most of the fourth (and possibly the fifth) semester. 

Course Overview

Click here to download a pdf version of the course overview for 2013.


Click here to download a pdf version of the MSc course handbook for 2013.

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